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Don’t focus on a diet that has an expiration date. Focus on a lifestyle that will last forever.

What is the role of nutrition in the coaching process?

Nutrition is the biochemical and  physiological process by which an  organism uses food to support its life. With the availability of cheap, convenient  fast foods, eating healthy while balancing  daily hectic lives poses many challenges.  There’s an array of misinformation and  conflicting messages that can leave the  public feeling overwhelmed or confused  about what to eat or what not to eat.

With an abundance of experts in the  health and wellness field today few seem  to agree on the best way to promote  health.

There of course lies the problem.   Everyone is left feeling overwhelmed and  confused about the necessary steps to  improve their health.

Working as a Nurse for 20 years I too was  confused by the conflicting views. I have  studied science my whole life. It was clear  to me much of the information out there  was misleading.

I stopped looking outside of myself for  answers and went back to the science. That’s when real change happened in my  life.

There should be an understanding of the  differences between health and wellness. Health is a state of being whereas  wellness is a lifestyle with many components. Healthy is not just the   physical, it comprises the mental and the social well-being also. True wellness aims  to enhance well-being in all areas of one’s  life.

Nutrition coaching is an integral part of  the health and wellness coaching process. It’s providing guidance and helping  clients make positive changes to their  eating habits through education and  planning. The coaching process provides  clients the support, structure, guidance,  and accountability they need to make the  lasting and sustainable changes necessary  to reach their full health potential. A  healthy lifestyle is one that combines,  daily movement, stress management,  balanced nutrition, and adequate sleep.

There is no generic solution for a  population. Individuals need a tailored  approach to their unique needs.

“The Groundwork for all happiness is good health.” – Leigh Hunt