Andra of Pounds to Go combines the rare talents of attention to detail, abundance of knowledge, and empathy. I have found my one on one sessions with her to be extremely motivating, and I look forward to them. She truly builds trust and inspires confidence. With her guidance, I have achieved results not realized previously. Her insights are refreshing, thoughtful and specifically tailored to my individual needs. She is extremely candid about her own journey, so you feel comfortable knowing she has been there, done that. Andra has helped me on my path to greater health and has allowed me to create a new lifestyle approach with amazing results. She listens, she cares, she gets you to where you want to be. I highly recommend Andra and Pounds to Go. 



New York 

I am so thankful for the coaching I received from Andra, because of her my nails are stronger, my skin is glowing, and my hair is longer and healthier. I have more energy and motivation than I ever had. Thank you so much, in my 54 years I have never felt better! Thanks again! 



New Hampshire

It’s rare to find someone who enjoys their job as much as Andra. I watched my mother go from someone near death to Thriving. She is the most sincere compassionate woman I have ever met. The biggest heart, always a smile and a kind word. She treats the whole family. Singing her praises. She can accomplish anything. 



New York City

Andra is an extremely knowledgeable young lady & is beyond helpful. I needed help with my eating habits, which were terrible. She gave me several diets to course from & It’s working like a charm. I took her on as my personal “Life Coach” & each time we speak, she has something new to share with me. Andra would be a great asset to anything/anyone she’s Involved with. 



New York City